About Us

ActivX Biosciences was founded in June 2000. ActivX has developed activity-based profiling systems for several families of drug targets, including serine hydrolyses and kinases, two of the largest enzyme families. After two years of close collaboration, ActivX was acquired by Kyorin Pharmaceuticals of Japan in December 2004. Since the acquisition, ActivX has executed a dual business model: performing early stage R&D and clinical development for Kyorin and providing fee-for-service activity-based profiling for pharmaceutical, biotech and academic customers. ActivX was instrumental in the discovery and development of KRP-104, an oral anti-diabetic poised to enter global Phase 3 clinical study and is currently focused on discovery of new oncology drugs. In 2006, ActivX launched the KiNativ™ kinase -profiling platform, which is now used by over 30 major pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies to accelerate and improve kinase drug discovery. ActivX continues to expand its drug discovery and development efforts and profiling business.